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Enterprise Managed Service Portal

Increases IT operational efficiency to cope with multi-site support requests

A centralized portal enables your IT team to monitor remote locations at a glance and enjoy live views of service status, usage and user experience. Live network status helps troubleshooting without onsite visits.

  • Instant View of Network Status

    Helps you quickly understand how your systems are connected and what issues are impacting performance, while eliminating blind spots to maintain operation against major IT outages

  • Visibility across Locations

    Monitors Network Status and Bandwidth performance, equipment utilization such as CPU, and Memory, availability and the current end user with regard to connected duration and other aspects.

  • Faster Remote Response

    Provides swift support and device management from remote locations with real time information allowing you to understand the situation to enhance user experience

  • Supports Business Continuity

    Provides real time visibility to support end users with prompt information in the event of any drop in performance and real data to aid decision making on re-configuration


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