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Smart Biz Line “On-the-go”

Stay in touch with your business anywhere anytime

HKT Smart Biz Line On-the-Go is a business communications app that unifies your office fixed-line and mobile phone numbers, so you can make outgoing calls on your personal mobile while showing your office line number. Alternatively, you can receive on your office number on your mobile while you are out and about.

Maintain your business communications without disclosing your personal mobile number.

Stay in touch with your business anywhere anytime
  • Extend office line to mobile

    Make calls on your personal mobile while the caller ID shows only your office number, so you can maintain a professional image with your clients even when you are not in your office.

  • Easy-to-use Presence Management

    Manage your business communications with predefined profiles via your mobile app. Staff can easily change their status in line with their daily schedules.

  • Prioritize with Visual Voicemail

    A quick glance at your voice messages from the Visual Voice-mail feature allows you to easily prioritize your messages based on your business needs.

  • Extending compliance to mobile

    On-the-go call recording can be implanted into mobile phones for compliance purposes without compromising employees’ privacy.


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