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Robotic Solutions

Boost Your Efficiency

HKT Robotic Solution provide a wide range of robotic system for different industry sectors.

From service delivery robots to patrol robots and cleaning and sanitization robots to social robots, we understand your operation and can help you to  design the most suitable application of robots to increase the  efficiency of your enterprise.

Robotics Solutions Boost Your Efficiency
  • Assist With Repeated Work 24/7

    With the help of robots, one can offload tedious repetitive work within daily operations thus gaining more time to foucs on more important work. Robots can assist an operation 24/7 to maximize efficiency.

  • Automated Operation

    With SLAM technology and sensors, robots can perform on auto-pilot without any human control and avoid obstacle automatically, as well as setting up schedule to complete routine duties.

  • Systematic Monitoring

    Robot systems on workstation or mobile devices, could monitor the status and navigation of other robots in various locations at the same time.

  • Different Operation Fulfillment

    Robots are designed to fit into different operations within different industries. This allows additional cameras, IOT sensors or even robot arms to be installed to assist in the unique operations in different industries.

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