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HKT Multi-Cloud FAST Connect

Multi-Cloud Connectivity in China

HKT Multi-Cloud FAST Connect lets you connect to multiple cloud platforms in a low-latency manner in any city or region in China, and access any core business system remotely. It provides fast and stable connectivity to multiple cloud platforms and solves the 'last-mile' problem commonly faced by organizations. Our reliable network carries data, voice, images, video and other traffic securely and speedily with utmost stability.

Multi-Cloud FAST Connect - connect to multiple cloud platforms with low-latency in China's different regions
  • Secure

    Data is carried via proprietary facilities and not through the public network, thereby eliminating security worries.

  • Stable and Reliable

    Our fully-redundant routing ensures stable and reliable communications, thanks to our high-quality infrastructure.

  • Flexible Topological Structure

    Customer data centers, IDCs, offices and public or private clouds can all be linked via our VPN or MCFC capabilities.

  • High-speed Interoperability

    You can benefit from low latency and high bandwidth when accessing internal networks directly - even from a distance of thousands of miles.

Reliable Multi-Cloud FAST Connect provider

Connecting to China and a Borderless World

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