Cyber Health Check

Strengthens your defences and elevate your security posture in the cyber world

Our Advantages

  • "Security First" Network Infrastructure

    Everything comes in and goes out through network. Hence, building an all-round "Security First Network" is a top priority. The "security first" mindset is fundamental to us delivering "Fast. Resolute. End-to-end" solutions to keep your business safe.

  • Global Capabilities & Threat Intelligence

    Our Next Generation Security Operations Center (NG SOC) is ISO 27001 certified. Featuring our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) with our vast local sources and 100+ trusted Global Source Feeds for analysis to promptly hunt and inhibit malicious activities.

  • Dedicated Local Security Expertise

    We safeguard your cyber networks with a team of certified security experts at our local Security Operations Centre who hold top cybersecurity certifications such as SANS, GIAC, GCIH, GCFA.

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