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HKT Enterprise Centrex

Flexible business communication services suits operation needs

Enterprise Centrex is a hosted communication platform that offers you mobility, collaboration and diversification, to help you boost efficiency and improve staff productivity, regardless of any geographical or organizational limitations.

  • More Mobility & Collaboration

    Enterprise Centrex provides you with both fixed-mobile integration, by merging different communications tools into one. With a single co-ordinated phone number, employees can reach anyone, anywhere on any device, simplifying real-time communication and allowing collaboration beyond voice.

  • Total Corporate Solutions

    By incorporating emerging corporate solutions into your system, we can help you cut down your investments, while enabling staff to be more productive. Cloud-based service modules also give you the flexibility to cope with on-demand requests while you are expanding or transforming.

  • Reliable Network Design

    Enterprise Centrex creates a separate private voice network for each location with virtual integration which minimizes operational risks, and ensures you enjoy zero downtime. It also offers a comprehensive exchange infrastructure and network design with full resilience and all round diversity.

  • Centralized Control & Management

    This provides you with an intuitive administrator web portal for your centralized corporate directory, together with account management and access control. You also get a dedicated dashboard showing line status, along with usage logs and reporting stats to aid operational management.

HKT Enterprise Centrex

Discover more about how HKT Enterprise Centrex can empower your workspace for tomorrow's operation needs


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