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Ultra Broadband

Offer high-speed broadband with multi-layer network protection

High-speed broadband is essential, especially for organizations competing in a fast-moving and competitive market. Security is also vitally important because it is not just multinational corporations running a risk. Companies of all sizes are vulnerable because they tend to invest less in protection and IT know-how. HKT understands these challenges and has devised a solution to give every organization the speed and protection it needs.

High-speed broadband offers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps and Multi-layered Security Protection with 24x7 monitoring
  • Ultra Speed to Uplift Efficiency

    HKT's high-speed broadband offers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps to meet every business need. High volume data sharing can be easier and practical under ultra-high speed broadband environment. Allows corporations to expand the range of applications provided and to enhance communication services.

  • Multi-layered Security Protection

    Built-in multi-layered security protection is critical for corporations. These include Auto cloud backup, Anti-malware and Anti-Phishing, Anti-email spamming, Anti-Hacking, and Anti-PC infection services. Corporations no longer need to invest tremendous resources to keep their own networks secure.

  • Built-in Wireless Capability

    By enabling wireless technology over HKT Ultra Broadband, corporations can enjoy secured wireless connectivity with significantly improved working efficiency. Staff can make use of mobile & tablet to work everywhere in the office without the need to bound by working desk.

  • 24 x 7 Network Monitoring

    Our HKT integrated Security Operations Center (iSOC) works 24 x 7 to identify abnormal traffic, or hacking attempts, in order to minimize impact on your broadband network. We have a team of experienced engineers equipped with sophisticated network monitoring and analysis tools to handle any crisis.

Ultra Broadband

Find out how HKT Ultra Broadband with multi-layer protection can make your business more efficient, secure and productive. Check out our T&Cs.

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