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Efficient and secure virtual private network for enterprises

With HKT's IP VPN solution you can connect offices, business partners and mobile workforces in dispersed locations via a secure and reliable network. The system is based on MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) technology which provides high quality L2 and L3 virtual private network services. This means you can enjoy substantial improvments to your efficiency and productivity, but wihtout having to invest in expensive high-end equipment. 

  • Global Access

    Our global network serves most major cities in mainland China, as well as 160 countries and regions around the world.

  • Technical Support

    Our professional management and services, are overseen by a global network management center, which provide a 24/7 network monitoring service to ensure you enjoy smooth-running operations.

  • Comprehensive Protection

    At HKT we use advanced network equipment to build a network conforming to the CE2.0 standard.

  • Widely Used

    We serve many of the world's top-500 companies, where we are familiar with diverse business cultures and international industry requirements.

Trusted IP VPN Service Provider

Connecting to China and a Borderless World


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