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International Leased Circuit

Reliable IPLC & IEPL data lines for China and Hong Kong

Our IPLC & IEPL solutions support one-stop voice, video and data applications. They run on fully-managed international circuits, providing end-to-end China to Hong Kong WAN routing, flow level and other independent management. The service is based on SDH/ETHERNET technology and connected in collaboration with China's infrastructure operators to provide you with a secure cross-border communications facility.

  • Wide Network Coverage

    Users at the Hong Kong end enjoy high quality network coverage, with redundancy routing to ensure stability. While users at the China end benefit from platforms run by multiple operators to provide multi-point backup.

  • One-stop Solution

    Our IPLC & IEPL solutions combine with FMNS (Facilities Managed Network Service) to provide you with a one-stop (WAN)+ (LAN) arrangement that helps to simplify project management while saving you both time and manpower.

  • High-quality Network

    We collaborate with domestic infrastructure operators to meet your network demands, while ensuring a high level of reliability. We provide the shortest route and lowest latency solutions among major financial cities.

  • CNMS Network Monitoring System

    Our network management service enables you to monitor your network status independently at any one time to check on flow, availability and rental equipment usage.

Reliable International Leased Line Provider

Connecting to China and a Borderless World


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