Try our Incident Response Services to protect yourself against data breaches

Our Incident Response Services at HKT can help you respond to cyber crises and protect your data. It is backed by experts at our Next Generation Security Operations Center (NG SOC) and embraces best industry practices including SANS, NIST, ISO and our vast global and local threat intelligence resources.

Subscribe before 31 March 2021 and enjoy a Zero-cost Retainer
Save time and money with no commitment and annual fee.
The Incident Response Services offer four critical benefits:

1.  Accelerated response times
Our experienced on-site and remote responders understand your language and culture, so they can solve crises quickly and efficiently.

2.  Comprehensive report & recommendations
We provide reports detailing all actions taken for each incident, and recommendations for the future.

3.  Peace-of-mind plans to suit your needs
Choose from a Zero-cost Retainer, a Pre-paid Retainer, or an On-demand Incident Response Services so you have the right people with the right program at the right time.       

4.  Round-the-clock protection
Combined with our Threat Management Services (TMS), we provide 24x7 monitoring, threat hunting and forensic services by certified experts (GCIH, GCFA, CCFE, CCTI, GNFA…) at NG SOC.

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