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Keep COVID-19 out of your premises and safeguard operations

Keeping your building free from infection is a key responsibility for any facilities manager these days. We are therefore pleased to inform you that the HKT Thermal Detective Solution has been designed to check temperatures of multiple arrivals at the entrance of your premises automatically. Staff are alerted immediately to any abnormality.

Our solution is ideal for a variety of applications: 


1. Homes for the elderly

- A high risk of cross-infection exists inside any caring facility whenever large groups of staff, carers and/or residents gather in common areas such as dining rooms and activity or leisure areas.
- The Thermal Detective Solution can be placed in common areas to constantly check temperatures automatically.
- Door access control can be integrated to restrict entry or trigger an alert if a visitor fails to wear a mask.

2. Commercial offices

- The Thermal Detective Solution is easily placed to keep track of staff and visitors’ body temperatures automatically and continuously.
- Screens staff and visitors at entry points to lower the risk of cross-infection within a building.
- Business operators can identify any suspected infection cases before they enter the premises.
- Door access control can be integrated to restrict entry or trigger an alert if a visitor fails to wear a mask.

3. Schools

- The Thermal Detective Solution enables you to safeguard the health of large numbers of students, staff and visitors in campus areas when classes resume.
- Placed at school entrances, the solution automatically screens students, teachers and visitors before they enter the school premises. This lowers the risk of cross-infection.
- Identifies suspected infection cases before they enter a school campus.
- Can also pinpoint any staff member, student or visitor not wearing a mask.
- Janitors can manage the system with ease.

 4. Restaurants

- The Thermal Detective is an easy and convenient tool to keep track of body temperatures among customers, visitors and staff.
- It allows restaurants to automatically screen customers and identify suspected infection cases before they enter the premises. This lowers the risk of cross-infection.
- Can also pinpoint any staff member or customer not wearing a mask.


Benefits of all applications:

1. Screens groups of visitors and staff all at once to avoid long queues during peak hours. 
2. Provides a central daily report on the Iris by HKT platform.
3. Is easily installed. Just one button switches on the camera and tablet.
4. Provides contactless, non-invasive detection of elevated skin temperature.
5. Relieves company manpower for other duties.
6. Provides onsite and remote real-time alerts to abnormal temperatures for facilities managers/carers.
7. Small footprint does not impede entrances or hinder traffic flow in any way.


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