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HKT has become the first telecom service provider to adopt 50G PON technology in Hong Kong


HKT (SEHK: 6823) – 26 March 2024 – HKT announced the adoption of the latest 50G PON technology, making it the first telecommunication service provider in Hong Kong to support 50G applications through the use of 50G PON technology . This prepares HKT for the delivery of an ultra-high-speed, multi-device and ultra-low-latency network experience for both consumers and commercial customers.

50G fibre broadband offers a significant step up in speed, with a specification download speed of up to 50Gbps. Paired with the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology, the remarkable increase in bandwidth supports smooth simultaneous multi-device connectivity of all kinds for users both at home and in a commercial setting. Latency also improves by a substantial 27% on average compared to that of a 1000M fibre network.

Bruce Lam, CEO, Consumer, HKT, said, “NETVIGATOR has always been at the forefront of the market. We are delighted to become the first telecommunication service provider in Hong Kong to adopt 50G PON technology. With the development of smart homes, demand for high-speed multi-device connections has been increasing to cater for activities such as 8K video streaming, large video file transfer and sharing at home, online gaming and even real-time financial market monitoring and trading. We will continue to explore cutting-edge technologies to meet our customers' future connectivity needs."

Steve Ng, Managing Director, Commercial Group, HKT, said, “HKT Enterprise Solutions has consistently provided diverse digital solutions for our commercial customers. As AI and cloud applications become ubiquitous, enterprise customers’ demand for bandwidth, speed and low latency have continued to elevate. For example, employees need to use cloud services, collaboration tools, and AI solutions within the office environment. Schools are actively implementing e-learning and remote teaching. Large-scale events such as exhibitions and concerts generate high demands for live streaming or AR/VR experience solutions. Through this latest technology, we are preparing ourselves for the network needs of different customers."

Applying the innovative 50G PON technology, HKT is able to further enhance the performance of its existing fibre network with ease. Currently, HKT’s 10G fibre broadband network covers over 2.4 million households across 50,000 residential buildings, as well as 8,000 commercial buildings in Hong Kong.

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