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Hong Kong Cyber Security Readiness Index increased 2.7 | HKT

“HKT Hong Kong Enterprise Cyber Security Readiness Index 2021” Up 2.7 Points to 49.6

Mr Steve Ng, Head of Commercial Solutions & Marketing, Commercial Group, HKT (right), and Mr Alex Chan, General Manager, Digital Transformation of HKPC (left), present the results of the “HKT Hong Kong Enterprise Cyber Security Readiness Index 2021”, which reports an Overall Index at 49.6 (maximum being 100), a slight increase of 2.7 from that of a similar survey last year. Also, surveyed enterprises believe that “higher flexibility”, “relatively more affordable than investing in a complete set of innovation and technology infrastructure” and “being able to support of cyber security experts” are the perceived advantages of using MSS for cyber security.


The Overall Index comprises of four areas: “Policy and Risk Assessment”, “Technology Control”, “Process Control” and “Human Awareness Building”. Apart from “Policy and Risk Assessment”, which recorded a small drop of 0.6 to 45.5, the other three all reported increases. “Technology Control” performed the best at 66.7, with its “Cyber Threat Detection” sub-index surging 25.2 to 65.7 this year. Significant improvement was also observed in the “Third Party Risk Management” sub-index of “Process Control” which went up 14.6 to 38.6.


By sector, “Financial Services” (62.9) continued to be the most vigilant at the “Managed” level, while other sectors, with scores of 42 to 52.3, remained in the “Basic” level with the highest increase in “Professional Services”.

The survey explored the opinions and deployments of the surveyed enterprises on managed security services (MSS). An all-round MSS provider aims at helping enterprises to assess, mitigate and prevent the threats of cyber attacks. It offers all levels of enterprise network security services, ranging from designing security policies and measures, conducting security tests, to integrating security solutions and providing secure broadband connectivity, to meet the demands from customer ranging from SMEs to the most demanding multinational companies.

The survey shows that surveyed enterprises believe that the benefits of using MSS perfectly meet the challenges they encountered in cyber security management. The benefits of MSS include: (1) higher flexibility; (2) relatively more affordable than investing in a complete set of innovation and technology infrastructure; and (3) being able to offer the support of cyber security experts. However, enterprises are still encountering threats of various external cyber attacks, in which phishing email (82%) and ransomware (41%) are the two most common types of such attacks.

Mr Alex Chan, General Manager, Digital Transformation of HKPC, said, “COVID-19 has expedited the digital transformation of Hong Kong enterprises and reshaped the work patterns and internet usage habits of Hong Kong people. With the prevailing trend of hybrid workplace models, online shops, online business processes and collaboration, cyber security issues become more essential to be reckoned with. Enterprises are also starting to take action to strengthen cyber security to resist known or potential cyber threats. Given the shortage of cyber security professionals, technical cyber security measures such as adopting MSS can undoubtedly provide enterprises with fast, reliable and flexible technical support.”

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