HKT 5G Tech Carnival

The HKT 5G Tech Carnival heralded the arrival of a new digital era based on 5G technology. The mega event attracted over 17,000 tech-savvy pioneers and practitioners. HKT Enterprise Solutions has showcased how emerging technologies are transforming all aspects of business and society by highlighting the latest technologies and applications for a variety of industries:

Smart City
Relieves traffic congestion with safer and more efficient transport systems, and monitors the illegal activity to keep Hong Kong clean.

Smart Technology
Makes commercial buildings, shopping malls and education facilities smarter and more efficient

Smart Parking
Reduces parking abuse and maximizes parking space utilization and payment procedures

Smart Finance 
Creates a better and more efficient banking experience for customers and boost the development of the Fintech market in Hong Kong.

Smart Office
Transforms traditional offices into digital workplaces and improve the efficiency of the workplace resources

Smart Retail
Helps retailers to engage their target audiences with more personalized, interactive and responsive shopping experiences both in and out of the shop

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