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Get a FREE trial of AWS & Veeam Cloud Data Retention

Are you facing an ever-increasing flow of data in your enterprise ? Now you can manage your data in an easy and affordable way.
HKT can help you to build a FLEXIBLE & SCALABLE back up infrastructure with AWS & Veeam for 
- Seamless integration
- No double charges for cloud storage
- Streamlined backup process
Enjoy a free trial of Cloud Data Retention* for
- AWS USD200 Voucher (~ 2-month 5TB S3 usage)
- 3 months Veeam Availability Suite license
*Terms & Conditions:
1. Complimentary professional service includes standard Veeam Cloud Tier and AWS setup carried out during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm), and the duration of the set up should not take longer than 16 hours.
2. The Offer is valid from now till Dec 31, 2019. Case approval is required.
3. The Offer only applies to new AWS projects with a new AWS account ID, and only the Hong Kong region.
4. USD200 voucher can redeem 2 months usage of 5TB S3 Standard-IA in Hong Kong Region.
5. Other HKT, AWS and Veeam service terms and conditions apply.
6. Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited reserves the right of final decision in any case of disputes.

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