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4 Effective Energy Management Solutions Applying in HKT Exchange Buildings

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With the increasing focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance Investment) development, ESG is becoming a key topic of corporate planning. According to Deloitte, buildings in Hong Kong account for about 90% of the city's electricity consumption and more than 60% of its carbon emissions. Therefore, more and more commercial buildings are incorporating ESG technologies and other emission reduction measures to fulfill more social corporate responsibility and promote sustainable development. 

As a pioneer in Hong Kong's digital transformation, HKT has installed a wide range of energy management solutions in 22 exchange buildings to gradually reduce energy consumption. Since the launch of the energy optimization solutions, the buildings have reduced their electricity consumption by 10% to 20% year-on-year, and have successfully saved 250,000 kWh of electricity in 2022. The following are the four main features of the energy management program.

HKT 4 Leading Energy Management Solutions 

1. AI Energy Management System   

HKT's own energy system collects and transmits temperature data every 7 seconds to an artificial intelligence system in the cloud for analysis through IoT sensors located throughout the building. 

Function 1: The system uses a data-driven Machine Learning algorithm to predict the optimal temperature based on real time weather and actual conditions, and sends electronic instructions to the intelligent Building Management System (iBMS) to control the load of the chiller units to achieve the optimal and appropriate air-conditioning temperature to avoid wasted energy consumption. Each chiller unit is expected to save 10% energy per year. 

Function 2: The system performs continuous health monitoring between the chiller plant system and the artificial intelligence cloud every 5 seconds via 5G network, and proactively sends real-time alerts to the monitoring center in case of problems, and automatically switches to manual BMS mode to ensure that operations are not affected. 



▲AI Artificial Intelligence Energy Control System (Source: Unwire.Pro) 

2. Quantum Energy Optimizer 

HKT has installed advanced quantum energy optimizers in the transmission and distribution systems of 19 exchange buildings to optimize the efficiency of electron flow in the current. 

Function: The optimizers use patented Quantum Optimization Technology (QOT) to regulate the flow of electrons and minimize electron collisions during the distribution process to reduce energy loss due to heat dissipation, thereby improving energy transfer efficiency. The overall power consumption is expected to be reduced by about 10% per year. 

▲Quantum Energy Optimizer (Source: Unwire.Pro) 

3. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors 

HKT installs IoT sensors in different electronic devices in the building, such as servers, to collect different data in real time and transmit them via the ZigBee IoT management system and 5G connection to ensure ultra-low latency. 

Function 1: By collecting temperature data and continuously detecting the usage of the room, it can adjust the lighting, ventilation and air conditioning at any time to reduce energy waste. 

Function 2: The intelligent IoT sensor uses wireless technology, eliminating the need for wiring and fully automating the system, greatly reducing manual operation and increasing productivity and operational stability. 


▲Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor (source: Unwire.Pro) 


4. Solar panels 

HKT has installed new generation solar panels on the rooftop of the airport building to generate renewable energy for home use. 

Function 1: Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. 

Function 2: Solar panels effectively block direct sunlight and absorb heat from rooftops and buildings. 


▲ Solar Panel (Source: pcmarket) 

Our 2023 Target  

Mr. Kwong Wai Chuen, Head of Network Planning and Operations of HKT Engineering Department, emphasized, "HKT is focused on its corporate ESG goals. We are a 5G service provider in Hong Kong and as 5G networks consume two to three times more energy than 4G, effective energy management is important. Our 89 exchange buildings in Hong Kong are planned to be upgraded to Green Exchange by 2023 with energy management applications installed in more than half of HKT's existing buildings."

Our ESG Energy Management Solutions for Enterprises

HKT has a team of professionals to provide one-stop ESG energy management solutions to help enterprises reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Since its launch in 2021, the solution has successfully helped various large shopping malls, commercial buildings and construction sites achieve their energy and carbon reduction targets, enabling corporate clients to achieve longer-term ESG development investment plans. It is estimated that the payback period for the energy saving solution is only about 25 to 30 months, which will be shortened in the future when electricity tariffs are on the rise. 

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