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Trading & Manufacturing

To meet your needs as a trader or manufacturer, as we enter the era of Industry 4.0, we offer extensive digital mobility and cybersecurity solutions to meet your expectations and help you increase productivity.

HKT, Trading & Manufacturing, Integrated Solutions

We have deep and comprehensive knowledge of the trading and manufacturing sector, and we keep investing in R&D and working with a variaty of global and local solution partners to bring you more  integrated solutions to cater to your needs.

HKT, Trading & Manufacturing, Industry4.0

Fixed and Mobile Network Strength

To improve your connectivity and collaboration, we provide the strongest fixed and mobile networks in Hong Kong.  Our solid network and expertise delivers best-in-class fixed mobile integration (FMI) solutions.

Cross Border Connectivity

If you have trading or manufacturing  operations in mainland China, we offer  over 47 PoPs on the Mainland, plus a highly sophiscated network in Hong Kong, which together provide a wealth of cross border connectivity solutions to cater to your needs.

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Beyond basic connectivity,  we also offer  a solid  ecosystem  that delivers end-to-end solutions to help you as a trader or manufacturer increase your productivity and embrace mobility, while maintaining a high level of cybersecurity.

HKT Trading & Manufacturing Solutions