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A metropolitan city such as Hong Kong needs a vibrant construction industry. In recent years, it has been facing rising costs, intense competition, labor shortages, an aging workforce and complex workflows. We are here to help. 

HKT, Construction, Integrated Solutions

HKT offers a range of ICT solutions and reliable network services to assist construction companies in overcoming operational obstacles whilst creating new business opportunities through embracing best-in-class technologies.

HKT, Construction, a range of ICT solutions

Reliable and Flexible Services

Construction projects are often in remote locations, so having a stable and reliable communications network  is essential. HKT offers both fixed and mobile network solutions and provides tailored services to meet such needs. Project-based, customized connectivity provisioning is offered to ensure business continuity in a flexible manner.

Solution Portfolios to Meet All Your Needs

HKT offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative technologies and leading ICT solutions to meet  construction companys' operational needs, ranging from site office set-up to headquarter connectivity. From managed Cloud services to data center outsourcing and facility management, HKT is able to deploy one-stop, holistic solutions to boost project efficiency.  

Expertise Advantage

An experienced partner of the construction industry, HKT is  strong in terms of network coverage, infrastructure design and solution provisioning. We also have teams of qualified professionals stationed in different areas of Hong Kong on call to provide full technical support, trouble shooting, end-to-end solution handling and managed services to help ensure smooth operations at all times.

HKT Construction Solutions