About HKT

Video Analytics

We turn video imagery into vital data you can use

We turn unstructured imagery from video recordings into structured data, such as people flows, demographics, license plate recognition, facial recognition attendance that you can use to improve the service you offer to your customers

  • Open Big Data Platform

    Big data is consolidated from multiple sources , from edge cameras or our HKT Managed Video Service, with an open architecture Application Programming Interface (API) that allows integration with your data systems.

  • Centralized Video Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence to predict trends can be consolidated in a single database so you can access it easily. You can also set alerts from pre-defined criteria.

  • Capture Customer Insights

    You can use video to capture and analyze your customer demographics and their interactions with your shop environment, to optimize your business strategies.

  • Problem Alerts

    You can use video to cover remote or hard-to-see areas and create automatic alerts in case of any problems so you can respond faster to correct any defects and enhance safety.

From Surveillance to Intelligence

Improve your business with Video Analytics

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