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Secure Dedicated Internet Access

Secure your network with dual-layer protection

Fast and reliable internet access is vital. Just about everything depends on it - from basic communications and online transactions to daily operations such as printing and surveillance. But cybercrime is on the rise, so companies are looking for a cost-effective way to secure their data, communications and transactions.

  • Unique Dual Network Protection

    HKT secure DIA solution offers flexible, across-the-board, carrier-grade filtering and anti-hacking protection geared to corporate specific needs. Integrate cloud-based and on-premise protection to ensure secured network for servers and computers.

  • Dual Layer Network Resilience

    Secure DIA offer platform resilience to support BGP routing, providing two paths to internet gateway to ensure best possible latency and stability automatically. Besides, added line resilience assure an always-on connectivity with alternative cable and exchange diversity*. * Subject to availability

  • Dedicated Network for Business

    Secure DIA is a customized platform fits for business operation which provides dedicated local bandwidth and prioritized international bandwidth to allow protected access. We offer 99.96% network availability to ensure your business is "always-on".

  • Round-the-Clock Protection

    HKT's own local integrated Security Operations Center (iSOC) provides 24 x 7 proactive network monitoring to identify faults or security issues in your system swiftly and act on them immediately. Mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) is less than six hours, minimizing any interruption to business operations.

Secure DIA Services

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