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Workforce mobility is essential today. People are constantly on the move, collaborating with colleagues, making presentations and attending meetings.  If you want to make your workplace more efficient and staff more productive, then HKT Biz Wi-Fi is the ideal choice.

  • Be More Productive

    An efficient office Wi-Fi network helps your staff to respond faster wherever they are in office. They can also gain rapid access to information without the need to wire their devices to local network so they can work and make decisions anywhere, any time.

  • Work More Efficiently

    HKT Office Wi-Fi allows authorized wireless devices to share files during presentations, or print essential documents remotely. This helps to create more collaborative and productive work space for staff to work with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Stay Up-to-date

    Built-in online notice board provides a common meeting place for staff to notice latest company news. Notice board content can be easily to update by DIY portal with user-friendly interface to ensure constant updates without usage hiccups.

  • Keep Work Secure

    A dedicated internet-access network bundled with Office Wi-Fi keeps data safe and secure. Enterprise-grade network security meets the most stringent requirements which allow staff to use Wi-Fi services for business purpose without bleaching corporate guidelines.

HKT Office Wi-Fi

Find out how HKT Biz Wi-Fi can get your staff moving and boost business.