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Work from Home Solutions

Enable your staff to work from home or offsite productively and securely.

Offsite and social-distance working are the best ways to protect the health of your staff and keep your business running smoothly no matter what. 

  • Work-Anywhere Communications Kit

    Stay connected wherever, whenever. Whether you are on the move or working from home, HKT Smart Biz Line “On-the-Go” enables staff to use their own mobile phones to display the company’s direct business lines so they will maintain customer confidence and never miss any business calls. Specialist Microsoft Teams can help teams collaborate through virtual meetings on a unified cloud-based platform.

  • Cloud Virtual Desktop

    Empower your mobile workforce with high-performance and secure Microsoft Windows or Linux desktops on public or private clouds. Scales quickly so staff can access company desktops anywhere, any time and from any device, while keeping data safe at all times.

  • Video and Audio Conferencing Solutions

    Set up easy-to-use video and audio conferencing services quickly to link an unlimited number of participants. Also offers the options of cloud-based managed services or self-owned services to suit different needs.

  • Pocket Wi-Fi

    Connect swiftly and reliably from anywhere at any time even with multiple business apps. Portable and easy to set up for multi-device connections. Flexible and short-term rental plans are available to fit your business needs and ensure your staff stay are always in touch.

Enhance your remote workforce now !


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