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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing any time, anywhere on any devices

We offer a complete range of video-conferencing solutions for you to meet and collaborate with your colleagues and business associates around the world via a virtual network. This solution is an ideal way of facilitating a range of wordwide corporate events and functions such as training, business meetings, interviews and product launches.

A  range of video-conferencing solutions for you to collaborate with your business partners and improve efficiency
  • Video Conferencing Endpoints

    We offer a variety of all-in-one video conferencing endpoints, including conference cameras and speakers from Cisco, Logitech, Avaya and Polycom. These are suitable for one-on-one and multiparty communications for both on-premise deployment and connecting to other VC cloud services.

  • Video Conferencing MCU Bridges

    We provide various types of standalone MCU bridges for multiparty video communications and document sharing.

  • Mobile Video Conferencing

    We offer video conferencing solutions that allow you to use your own devices including desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets to join video conference meetings at any time from anywhere. This helps to reduce travel time and costs, optimizes attendance and increases productivity.


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