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Structured Cable & Computer Room Facilities

A full spectrum of certified infrastructure management services

All our tailored solutions are designed to match your actual business requirements, and optimize your business performance within your budget. We are proud of our unrivalled experience, specialized designs, and implementation of market leading products. We offer a fully integrated solution approach for voice, data and video.

  • Copper and Fiber Optic Solutions

    Your cabling infrastructure is the backbone of your data and voice systems. Our professional workmanship, and expertly designed copper and fiber-optic solutions are built to transfer your data effectively and efficiently, while our experience ensures you also enjoy a high level of flexibility and scalability.

  • Cable Consultancy Hotline

    To cope with the fast pace of today's commercial world, we serve you in an innovative way that allows our certified cabling engineers to discuss your needs over the phone. Once these are clear, our engineers will work to address your concerns right away.

  • Computer Room Facilities

    At HKT we are committed to maintaining your computers, servers, and IT & T systems in a smart and intelligent way. We have considerable experience with different industries in providing cooling systems, power protection solutions, UPS, DCIM and building works.

  • Life-Time Consultancy

    Working with you long-term as your first choice of service provider is our top priority. All our tailored solutions go through our Assessment - Design - Installation - and ISO certified project management, to ensure you enjoy the very best network performance in your daily IT operations.


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