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Smart Lighting

Smart, connected systems that enables light to go beyond mere illumination

HKT Smart Lighting is a smart connected lighting system with smart sensors and devices. Data and visual information can be collected and transmitted through an entire high bandwidth network. Smart Lighting helps you stand out from the crowd by offering  personalized greetings, breathtaking interior designs, and smart building management. 

  • Smart Connected Lighting

    Connected lighting systems offer digital ceiling infrastructure that provides high-quality, reliable illumination as well as smart, high-bandwidth communication platforms that go far beyond illumination.

  • Luminous Textiles

    This solution provides endless ways to play with color, movement, texture and light. So you can express emotions, make a design statement and bring spaces truly alive. It combines multi-colored LEDs seamlessly within beautiful textile panels that also soften sound.

  • Luminous Carpets

    Interactive carpet and vinyl floor tiles can welcome, inspire and delight customers and guests with personalized greetings, wayfinding and promotions. Bright display graphics and words with dynamic, moving messages and images can be managed by simply touching your smartphone or tablet.


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