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Iris by HKT

Iris turns video images into data you can use to improve your business

Iris analyzes imagery from centrally managed surveillance cameras at multiple sites, and turns it into data, using sophisticated algorithms, to produce key intelligence on customer behavior that you can use to improve your business.

  • Centrally Managed Surveillance

    We can migrate your existing legacy surveillance videos at different sites swiftly and easily into a centrally-managed surveillance system delivering imagery from targeted locations.

  • Customers Data and Insights

    We can offer insights into the behavior of the customers in your shop by analyzing video surveillance data so you can optimize your business strategies.

  • Greater Operational Efficiency

    By using surveillance videos to cover remote or hard-to-see areas, we can create automatic alerts, to enable you to respond faster to fix defects, enhance safety, and quickly address any problems.

  • User-Defined Applications

    Our open platform offers a complete range of integrated video services with customized applications for different business usage.

Unlimited Capabilities with Iris

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