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HKT Address Master

Digitize your proof-of-address process

HKT Address Master uses open API technology to connect to your application system to match, correct and validate addresses in real time and verify the authenticity of addresses for each individual.This means that submission of address proof can be waived in future if the customer passes the recognition process. This helps you cut costs, save on resources and improve the overall customer experience.

HKT Address Master enhances eKYC process with Address Verification and Address Standardization feature
  • Address Verification

    Verifies addresses in HKT database and generates an Address Verification Score upon customer consent, you can then have the flexibility to waive address proof from customers in the future if the score exceeds the pre-defined threshold.

  • Address Standardization

    With extensive and accurate residential address database that includes village house addresses, Address Standardization helps to clean and standardize all customer addresses instantly, it supports both English and Chinese addresses.

Improve your customer journey with HKT Address Master


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