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Optical Data Services

Flexible, and reliable with high throughput Optical Data connections

HKT's optical data services support high speed (10Gbps or even 100Gbps) data connection in various applications including storage system backups, data center interconnections and backbones, with up to 99.99% availablity and 100% for dual links throughout Hong Kong. It also offers guaranteed network repair on CTTR of up to 1hr and proactive monitoring and e-alert for service interruptions.  

Provide with FiberNet, DWDM (DENSE Wavelength-Division Multiplexing) and Managed Lightstream Services
  • FiberNet

    HKT FiberNET includes, Fiber line wideband services, Storage Link for communications throughout workstations, mainframes, servers, and other peripherals, and VideoLink which offers SDI, HDTV (HD-SDI) compatibility and Advanced Switching Interconnect for multicast applications.

  • DWDM (DENSE Wavelength-Division Multiplexing)

    DWDM offers high speed traffic aggregation via multiplexes, with multiple optical signals on a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths of colored laser light to carry different signals for multiple applications.

  • Managed Lightstream

    HKT Managed Lightstream service provides superior fiber coverage and 100% fiber provisioning that complies with government code of practices, to enable to enjoy flexible bandwidth bundled with DWDM, timely restoration and end-to-end monitoring.

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