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Cross Border Solutions

Keep your business running smoothly across the street or across the globe.

HKT Cross Border Business Continuity Solutions enable you to stay connected with your business, customers and staff, to ensure effective business collaboration even when staff are unable to travel.

  • Remote Access Solutions

    Enable staff to access corporate resources such as emails, files, business applications, and company intranets securely and swiftly from any web-enabled device at any time, from anywhere. Upgrade your Internet broadband bandwidth to ensure staff working from home or offsite, enjoy fast, easy and uninterrupted access to the material they need.

  • Managed SD-WAN Service

    Simplify your network deployment with centralized management and remote configuration and high-resiliency solutions leveraging cost-effective internet, leased lines or mobile networks.

  • Hosted Video Conference Service

    Invite multi-parties from anywhere to organize plan and join ad-hoc meetings through their own laptop or smart device anytime, anywhere.

  • Audio and Video Conferencing Endpoint Solutions

    Set up high-quality one-on-one or multiparty audio and video conferencing through a variety of endpoint solutions.

Ensure your business continuity now!


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